Firewalls can be configured in ways that prevent the communication an IZON camera requires. They can block a camera from being added to an account or prevent camera access after it's been set up.

If you're having trouble adding a camera to your network and have security settings that prevent secure apps from communicating over your network, you'll need to adjust the settings. Configuration information can be found in the network equipment manual, often available by Googling your router or modem make and model.

Some mobile device security configurations and applications can prevent the app from connecting to a camera. If you're having trouble setting up or connecting to a camera, you'll want to check that all necessary permissions have been granted to the IZON and that secondary software, such as an antivirus, are not blocking communications.

Very restrictive firewalls, such as those found in public areas and some business environments, may prevent the app from connecting to IZON camera. If you don't have control over these settings, a mobile data connection, rather than the restrictive WiFi network, may allow access to your cameras.

Troubleshooting Camera Setup contains information about WiFi configurations.

For trouble with cameras already on your account, you may find Inaccessible Cameras and Live Streaming Issues helpful.

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