WiFi Configurations with non-Alphanumeric Characters

Some versions of IZON Firmware have problems connecting to or staying connected to WiFi configurations whose name and/or password contains a space, dollar sign ($), back-tick (`), or other non-letter non-numeric symbol. Cameras connected to SSIDs with a plus sign (+) in the network name may have issues making local connections. If you have a network configured with a special character, additional steps may be required to update your camera and add it to a network configured with one of these symbols.

Embedded Space in WiFi name (SSID)

Cameras with firmware version 3.1.29 are not compatible with networks that contain a space in the name (SSID). The issue is fixed in later firmware versions and will not be a problem after the camera is upgraded.

To upgrade the camera, it needs to be added to a network without one of the incompatible characters. You can temporarily change the network's name to exclude the space or can use another WiFi network that does not contain a space in the name. Upon adding the camera to a compatible network, the camera should automatically update to the latest firmware. Once the camera has finished updating its firmware, it will be compatible with a network containing a space in its name.

Dollar sign ($) or Back-tick (`) in Wifi Name (SSID) or WiFi Password

Configuring your IZON camera to communicate with your network is done in one of two ways: wirelessly or visually. The wireless method of activating your camera is called SoftAP for Android users and Manual for iOS users. Both iOS and Android users can add a camera visually by presenting a QR code (square bar code containing the network configuration) to the camera.

The QR method of adding a camera cannot be used for networks whose name or password contains a back-tick (`) or dollar sign ($). 

IZON App for iOS users need to use the manual provision method for networks with these symbols.

IZON App for Android users with cameras running firmware 3.1.29 or higher can use the SoftAP provision method to add cameras to networks with back-ticks and dollar signs.

Camera firmware versions 3.1.1 and earlier can only be connected via the QR method when using an Android device. IZON App for Android users with cameras running FW 3.1.1 or earlier need to use a work-around for networks with the problematic symbols. If an iOS device is available, IZON App for iOS can be used for a manual provision. If an iOS device is not available, it will be necessary to use a network whose name or password do not contain the symbols. The symbol containing network can be temporarily modified or another, non-symbol containing network can be used. Once the camera has been provisioned, it will automatically upgrade to SoftAP compatible firmware, allowing it to be added to a network with a back-tick or dollar sign from either platform.

Networks with a plus sign (+) in the name (SSID)

Cameras may be added to networks with a plus sign (+) in the network name (SSID). Once the camera has been added to the account, the plus sign will be interpreted as a space within the IZON app. Although the camera will continue to function, the app is not able to make local connections to the camera. This affects features such as Check for Alarms and Live Video Streaming. The camera will have to be used with a network whose name does not contain a plus sign (+) in order to have full functionality.

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