Inaccessible Camera

If the IZON app is unable to connect to your camera, the camera's settings will not be available and an inaccessible notice is displayed instead of a thumbnail image. The connection can usually be reestablished by tapping "Refresh Connections" in the left hand drawer. If a connection refresh does not connect the camera and app, the following conditions may be present:
  • The camera is unplugged or the power is out. The LED will not be lit if the camera is not receiving power.
  • The camera has lost its WiFi connection. When the camera doesn't have a WiFi connection, the LED will blink orange. This can be caused by lack of power to your router, exceeding available bandwidth, or locating the camera where it does not have a reliable WiFi connection. Internet and Wi-Fi Requirements contains information for trouble shooting the later two scenarios. Routers, like all computers, require power cycles from time to time to clear old data. If the camera is still blinking orange after power cycling the router and waiting a few minutes for it to come back online, power cycle the camera. If you encounter this blinking orange LED regularly, please verify that the camera's firmware is up-to-date once the camera is accessible. 
  • The camera is not connected to the internet. A camera with a WiFi connection but no internet connection displays a slow green LED blink. Check your Internet connectivity by visiting a new, non-cached website from your mobile device while the device is connected to the same network as the camera. If the Internet is available, but you have a WiFi extender on the network, power cycle the extender.
  • Remote network interference. If you are on a different network than the cameras, the remote network configuration may have limited bandwidth or security features that prevent the type of connections the app and cameras use (check with the network administrator).
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