Why Only 25 Video Uploads

One of the most pressing issues for engineers working on remote monitoring cameras is the amount of data that the video stream produces. Managing that data locally requires massive amounts of onsite storage and dedicated communication networks. The costs of these systems puts them beyond the reach of most consumers, and what they record most is “dead air”. Most of the time nothing is happening in the video stream that is worth watching.

We decided to build a system that would record only those moments in time when something actually happens. Rather than upload every frame of video, your IZON camera analyzes the video frames watching for changes between frames that would indicate something might be happening. You can tell the camera which part of the frame to watch by adjusting the Motion Detection Region. We also added the ability to check for noise levels of interest, so your IZON can zero in on those moments worth recording. The app provides Sensitivity Controls for both motion and noise to help you further refine the events that trigger alerts.

After adjusting the alert triggers, the handful of alerts you get will be a tiny fraction of the original data storage and transmission needs. This smaller amount of data allows us to use cloud based servers for storage, with local networks able to handle the transmission. Originally we utilized free cloud storage available on Youtube, but changes in their privacy policy dumped new alerts into the public domain too easily. To protect our customer’s privacy we moved the storage to a secure Amazon Cloud server, but that service is not free. IZON’s design reduces the number of alerts. Because our customers rarely uploaded more than 25 alerts in one day, we used that as the baseline for our complementary service.

While we continue to investigate the possibility of a subscription service that would allow for some customization, ideally we would like to help you reduce the number of alerts your IZON uploads.

You may be interested in Video Upload and Storage Specifications.


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