STEM Wireless Network

Your activation ready IZON camera will broadcast a network named STEM that's used during the activation process. Activation ready cameras also display an LED blink pattern to indicate the firmware of the camera.

IZON 1.x and 2.x cameras broadcast STEM on what's known as a 'device network' and are only compatible with iOS devices. When the STEM device network is broadcasting correctly, it will be listed in your iOS device's Wi-Fi Settings app separate from, and below, the normal list of Wi-Fi networks, in the section titled 'DEVICES'. 

IZON 3.0 through 3.1.1 cameras broadcast STEM as a device network, which does not appear in the WiFi networks settings app on Android devices. These cameras are compatible with Android and iOS.

IZON cameras with firmware 3.1.29 or later broadcast STEM as a Wi-Fi network when they are ready for activation, which will be listed with other Wi-Fi networks in your Wi-Fi Settings app. These cameras are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

IZON cameras with firmwares 3.1.29 - 3.1.35 will broadcast the STEM wireless network if they have lost Wi-Fi connectivity, for reasons such as power loss to the Wi-Fi router. The cameras are not activation-ready, and will reconnect once the Wi-Fi has been restored. If the camera does not reconnect automatically, you may need to power cycle the camera. Cameras with firmwares 3.1.29 - 3.1.35 should be upgraded to the latest release.

Read Firmware Compatibility for more information.

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