Power Cycle

A 'power cycle' involves temporarily removing, and then restoring, power to a device. Many network devices such as modems and routers are not manufactured with a power or on/off button. Occasionally, these network devices will require a 'restart' to continue functioning normally. This 'restart' is accomplished by removing power to the device temporarily, and then restoring power. Most devices are equipped with a separate power cord, which can be disconnected from the power outlet and from the device itself. You can power cycle your device by unplugging the device's power cord from the wall or from the device temporarily. Most manufacturers recommend leaving the device unplugged for 15-30 seconds before restoring power. 

Power Cycle your IZON Camera

Your IZON camera uses a USB cable and a USB to AC adapter. To power cycle a camera, unplug the USB power cord from either the back of the camera or the USB AC adapter or remove the AC adaptor from the wall outlet. Leave your camera unplugged for 15-30 seconds. Restore power to your IZON camera. Allow your IZON camera approximately 2 minutes to finish powering up and reestablish connectivity. It may be necessary to press Refresh Connections in the IZON app after the camera's LED has stabilized on Solid Green (see LED Blink Patterns for more information related to your camera's LED).

Be sure to consult the manufacturer's manual for information and instructions related to power cycling your other network devices.

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