Viewing Your Videos

Your video alerts and manual recordings are safely stored on an Amazon S3 server. Your IZON camera utilizes our free, secure cloud service to store and deliver your recordings to your mobile device via the IZON app.

For your security and privacy, videos can only be viewed from the IZON app, while logged into your account. To view your videos, navigate to the Alerts screen by tapping the alert count bubble in the upper right corner or swiping from the right edge of your screen to the left. Your video recordings will be displayed here, with 50 to a page. Navigate through the pages by swiping up or down at the bottom or top, respectively, of the current page. Tap the play icon on a thumbnail to launch the player and playback your video.

Unplayed videos are labeled "New" with the camera name in blue. All of these new videos are included in the alert count bubble. After playing a video, the camera name changes to grey and it loses it's "New" label. Playing a new video will decrease the alert count by one.

Saved videos are retained until deleted or unlocked. Unsaved videos are deleted after 7 days.

If you need to retrieve a copy of a video, see Request Copies of Video.

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