Video Upload and Storage Specifications

Your IZON camera utilizes our free, secure cloud service to store and deliver alert recordings to your mobile device. Each free account comes with the following:

  • Each IZON camera is allowed to upload 25 video recordings per 24 hour period that resets at midnight of the camera's time zone.
  • Videos are a maximum of 35 seconds in length.
  • You may store up to 100 locked alert recordings per IZON camera.
  • Unlocked alert recordings that are older than 7 days are deleted automatically.

Once a camera has reached the twenty-five video upload limit in the 24 hour period, you will continue to receive notifications with a single still image when alerts are triggered, although no video recordings are captured for those notifications. For a more detailed explanation of "why", please read Why Only 25 Video Uploads.

Effective alert management can help with recording only the important moments. Detection settings adjustments allow alerts to be configured to suit your needs.

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