Motion Detection Region

Adjusting the motion detection region allows you to specify what area seen by the camera will trigger an alert recording. An example of this would be only triggering alerts for the top half of a room to avoid catching a pet walking on the floor. See the image below for an example of how this can be set up. The green transparent section indicates the area in which motion will be detected.

Adjusting the Motion Detection Region

  • From the Account screen, select the camera or choose the "Settings" button on the My Cameras screen.
  • Turn Motion detection ON (Motion button will be blue when active) to display the Motion Detection Region cell.
  • Tap Motion Detection Region.
    • Android: Use the red dots to change the size of the region. Use the yellow dot to position the detection region. "Default" will reset the region to cover the entire view. "Revert" returns the region to the last one saved.
    • iOS: Pinch and drag the green rectangle to adjust the detection region. Use the circular arrow to reset the region to the entire view.
  • Save your changes.

Read Detection Sensitivity Settings and Check for Alarms for more tips on capturing the right moments.

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