Troubleshooting Camera Setup: Android

Android: Troubleshooting Camera Setup

What if it's not finding my camera?

If the IZON app cannot find a camera to add wirelessly, you will receive the following prompt:

If you select No, ensure that your camera is plugged in. If the camera is plugged in and the camera's LED is not blinking Orange-Orange-Green-Green, the following screen will prompt you to reset the camera.

If the IZON app is still unable to find a camera to add wirelessly after resetting the camera, it may be necessary to add the camera using the QR Code method.

What to do when Adding a Camera Wirelessly continues to fail

If you are attempting to use your Android device to add a camera wirelessly, and the setup fails repeatedly, it is possible that connection managers and multiple available networks may be interfering with the setup process. The Android device must remain on the Wi-Fi network you are attempting to add your camera to during setup. Some connection managers may interfere with the IZON app's attempts to remain on a Wi-Fi network during setup.

There are a couple things you can try to help resolve the issue:

  • Turn your cellular data off during the setup process. One way to do this is enabling your Android device's Airplane mode and then re-enable your device's Wi-Fi adapter. This will remove the cellular connection's availability as a possible source of interference.
  • Forget all saved Wi-Fi networks in your device's Wi-Fi networks list. After forgetting all saved networks, rejoin the network you would like to add your IZON camera to, and begin the process to add the camera again.
  • Add the camera using the QR Code method -- If enabling airplane mode, and forgetting all saved networks, and re-enabling the Wi-Fi adapter does not resolve the issue, you may attempt to add the camera using the QR Code method by selecting "No" from the dialog presented after the setup failure:

If you have exhausted all of these options, it is possible the current camera firmware is not compatible with Android. You may attempt to add the camera using an iOS device, after which it will automatically upgrade to the latest firmware. Once the upgrade has completed, the camera will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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