Firmware Compatibility

Android: Firmware Compatibility

The Android app is compatible with camera firmware versions greater than 3.0. A camera with a firmware version greater than 3.0 will be ready to setup once the camera LED blinks an orange-orange-green-green pattern. 

iOS: Firmware Compatibility

The iOS app is compatible with all firmware versions. 

How to determine what Firmware your camera is using before activation

Use the provided USB cord and USB power adapter to power your IZON camera. Your IZON camera will begin a normal power-up sequence after plugging it in, during which the LED may change several times. The LED blink pattern will stabilize after approximately 2 mins. The final blink pattern is indicative of what firmware is installed on the camera. The patterns are as follows:

  • IZON 1.x: Alternating Orange-Green LED blink pattern -- These cameras must be activated manually using an iOS device.
  • IZON 2.x: Blinking Orange LED blink pattern -- These cameras must be activated with an iOS device, and can be done so manually, or with a QR Code
  • IZON 3.x: Orange-Orange-Green-Green LED blink pattern. These cameras can be activated using an iOS device or an Android device.

If your IZON camera is blinking any pattern other than one listed above, you may need to reset your camera. Please read LED Blink Patterns for more information about your camera's LED. If your camera's LED is solid orange after a reset, please read Solid Orange LED.

Both the iOS and Android versions of the IZON app will check a camera's firmware version upon activation, and if possible, will update the firmware to the latest version. See Camera Firmware for more information.

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