Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Network Configuration

Troubleshooting your Wi-Fi Network Configuration

Network Names and Passwords

If you are having trouble adding a camera to your network, and you are using a network name or password that includes & \ < > ' " ` $ : ! a space or a combination of symbols other than letters and numbers, it may be necessary to temporarily change the network name or password, or temporarily add your camera to a network that does not contain these characters in the SSID (Wi-Fi name) or password. When the camera is successfully activated on a network that contains only letters and numbers, the firmware should automatically update to the latest version. After the firmware has been updated, you may remove the camera and add the camera to a network with a more complex name or password.

Details about specific firmware and symbol incompatibilities is available at WiFi Configurations with non-Alphanumeric Characters.


Wi-Fi networks configured with WEP security settings may not be compatible with IZON 1.x. If possible, we recommend that your network be configured with WPA2 security settings to set up IZON.

IZON 1.x is compatible with certain configurations of WEP networks. If using WEP security, configure your Wi-Fi router to use a single shared key in key index 1. When using 128 bit WEP networks (WEP-104), choose a 13 character ASCII password. When using 64 bit WEP networks (WEP-40), choose a 5 character ASCII password.

Certain WPS configurations may interfere with the camera setup process. You may need to disable WPS during camera activation. You can re-enable it after the camera has been added.

Firewalls may block the communication needed to setup and access IZON cameras.

Can I use my IZON camera on a 5GHz network?

The IZON camera has a 2.4GHz antenna, and works with 2.4GHz networks. Make sure the network you are attempting to use supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi devices. If possible, configure your router’s 2.4GHz channel width to 20 MHz for better reliability and reduced interference. Consult your router's manual for more information.

You may be interested in Dual Band Routers.


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