Changing your Satisfaction Rating

If you would like to change your Satisfaction Rating, log into your account at and make the changes by going to My Activities and selecting the ticket you'd like to update.

If you have never logged in to our Help Center before, you can request a password by clicking on the link here: "Have you emailed us? Get a password" and entering the email address used to communicate with us regarding your issue. You may also request a password by clicking the link at the bottom of the sign-in page at This will send a 'Reset Password' link that you can follow to create a password.

Once you've set your password, you can log in and view your open tickets, or your entire ticket history. The tickets that have been rated can be found in the "My requests” section of My Activities.

You may also reply to our last email communication regarding your issue with a request to re-send the satisfaction survey.

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