Multiple Cameras, Users, and Locations

Multiple Cameras

You can add as many IZON cameras to an account as you'd like. The limiting factor will be your router and internet connection's ability to provide enough bandwidth for all your cameras and devices (Network Compatibility). 

Multiple Users and Devices

Cameras and alerts can only be associated with a single IZON account. More than one phone or tablet may be signed into the same IZON account at the same time. To access to your IZON cameras on multiple devices, each device must have the IZON app installed. Using the account username and password for login on each device allows multiple devices to share access to the cameras and alerts. This single account is the only account that can access the cameras.

Users can be logged into a IZON account with as many mobile iOS and Android devices as you like. You may find that watching the live stream or interacting with the camera using three or more devices simultaneously exceeds the performance capabilities of your camera's Wi-Fi connection and results in errors.

Multiple locations

The cameras on your account can be in multiple locations and on multiple networks; however, each camera can only be assigned to a single IZON account. You can choose to have your cameras on a single account or multiple accounts, as it best suits your needs. If you want your family to access the cameras at your primary home and your vacation cabin, you can put them all on the same account. Alternatively, if you have cameras at your house and your office, you may setup the office cameras on a separate account if your employees will access them.

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