Internet and Wi-Fi Requirements

The IZON camera is compatible with discoverable 2.4GHz networks (cannot be "closed" or hidden). For your security and privacy, we recommend using your IZON camera with a secured network configured for WPA2 encryption, which will provide better wireless security and improved network performance.

For the best experience with IZON, we recommend an 802.11n network and an Internet connection speed of at least 2 Mbps for download and 384 Kbps upload. It is possible to test the available network bandwidth in the location where you wish to set up IZON by visiting with your mobile device, from that location. This will give you the best idea of the strength of your local wireless network at this location. Consult the manual for your wireless router to learn more about its network capabilities and signal range.

If you have multiple networks in the location where you choose to set up IZON, you should use IZON on the network with the strongest signal (preferably a 802.11n network). Do not connect your IZON to a 'guest' network. During the setup process, it's necessary for IZON and your mobile device be connected to the same WiFi network to complete the activation process.

See Troubleshooting your Wi-Fi Network Configuration for more information.

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