Mounting your IZON

The magnetic base for your IZON camera can be mounted to surfaces such as a wall or ceiling. If you use the hardware that came with your IZON, please make sure it's appropriate for your surface type. You'll also need to ensure that the power cord reaches your desired mounting location.

To open the magnetic base:

Using a coin or flat blade screwdriver inserted into the slot in the bottom of the magnetic base, turn the plastic insert counter-clockwise until it's released from the magnetic portion.


With appropriate hardware, mount the plastic insert with the rubber side facing the surface onto which you are mounting your IZON.

Once the insert has been attached securely, place the magnetic housing over the insert, and rotate clockwise until you feel a soft click. 

CAUTION: The camera is held magnetically to the base. Be sure to mount your IZON camera in a location and manner that will not present a falling hazard to those under or around the camera.

If you find you are unable to remove the insert from the magnetic base, please contact support for a replacement.

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