Troubleshooting Camera Setup: Common Issues

Common Issues

What if my camera won't scan the QR code?

What if my camera is scanning the QR code, but still won't connect (going back to double-orange double-green)?

Troubleshooting issues with Camera Setup: iOS

Troubleshooting issues with Camera Setup: Android

What to Do If the Camera Doesn’t Scan the QR Code

These are the most common problems:

  • Distance - Adjust the distance of your mobile device from the camera. The distance may range from 4″ to 10″ away before the camera successfully reads the QR code. Larger tablet devices may require the QR Code to be displayed from a longer distance, up to 18" away from the camera.
  • Angle - Ensure that the camera has an angle that would allow it to read or 'see' the QR Code being displayed on your device.
  • Glare - Adjust the position and angle of both IZON and your mobile device to avoid any reflections or glare. You may find that a dark room is necessary to eliminate any glare.

If none of these tips help, it may be necessary to reset your camera and attempt to add the camera again.

It's scanning the code, but it's still not connecting

After scanning the QR Code, activation should take about 2-5 minutes. If the camera is returning to a double-orange double-green blink pattern after scanning the code, it means the camera was not able to connect to the Wi-Fi network. The two most common reasons are:

  • The Wi-Fi password you entered was incorrect
  • You are attempting to connect your IZON to a 5GHz network

After verifying you are using the correct Wi-Fi password, make sure the Wi-Fi network supports 2.4GHz devices. Read Network Compatibility, Troubleshooting Network Configuration, Dual Band Routers, and Firewalls for more information. 

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