Reset your IZON camera

Restore Factory Settings 

WARNING: Never insert anything into the front of the IZON camera. That front pinhole is the microphone – inserting anything there may damage IZON and void your warranty.

  • Insert a straightened paper clip in the small hole on the back of the IZON labeled RESET, just above where the power cable connects.

  • After feeling a soft “click”, hold the paper clip inserted there for 10 seconds; the LED will turn solid orange when the camera is resetting. Release the paperclip.
  • Set the powered camera aside for 3-5 minutes to allow the camera to cycle through to its factory settings.
  • Cameras with firmware 3.0 and above will settle on an orange-orange-green-green blink pattern. These cameras can be added to an account using the iOS or Android app. Cameras with a slow orange or orange-green-orange-green blink pattern will need to be added to an account using an iOS device. Once added, the firmware on these cameras will update automatically and be compatible on Android and iOS platforms.

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