Force Proxy

Your IZON app will use one of two connection types to remotely connect to your IZON camera: Peer 2 Peer (P2P) or Proxy. By default, the app automatically negotiates to establish the best connection type.

A proxy connection connects both the camera and device to our secure server to transfer the video stream. Of the two connection types, Proxy is more compatible with varying network configurations. This compatibility requires additional external resources to function. As a result, proxied live stream connections are subject to a 5:00 minute timer. If you're on this type of connection and the video stream times out, you can re-initiate playback as often as necessary.

If you're unable to connect to your camera remotely, you can try to force a Proxy connection, bypassing the negotiation process. To access this setting, open the Accounts screen, press Advanced Settings, and set Force Proxy to ON.

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