Push Notifications

Push notifications are used by apps to send you notifications on your mobile device. You can control what apps are allowed to send you notifications in your device's Settings app. In addition, most apps will allow you to change how they use push notifications within the app itself.

The IZON app uses push notifications to keep you informed of motion and noise alerts, app updates, camera firmware updates and offline events. If you are using IZON for Android, Push Notifications are enabled by default in your operating system. If you are using IZON for iOS, you will have an opportunity to allow or disallow push notifications the first time IZON is run.

You must have Push Notifications enabled for IZON in your device's Settings app to receive Push Notifications from IZON. 

The IZON app also allows you to disable notifications at the app level. The app's setting for Push Notifications is device specific. If you use more than one device to access your IZON cameras, you may choose to disable notifications for each device individually. 

To change whether or not your device will receive notifications from the IZON app, open the app on the device for which you would like to change the setting. Open the Account screen, and tap the Push Notifications cell to change to the desired setting of On or Off. 

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