Night Mode

Your IZON View camera is equipped with Night Mode that allows your IZON View to capture video and images from a completely dark environment. This is accomplished with supplemental, near infrared illumination.

Night Mode utilizes a panel of infrared LEDs on the face of your camera to provide additional light in a dark environment. This light is invisible to the naked eye. Your IZON View converts this infrared light into visible light in the video feed as a black and white image.

Your IZON View camera has 3 options for Night Mode. Automatic, Off, and On. In automatic mode, your IZON View camera will make a calibration check every 2 minutes to determine if the lighting conditions still require Night Mode to be enabled. The camera must turn off the infrared LEDs to take a measurement of the ambient light. This may be perceived as a darkening of the image briefly, every 2 minutes. The camera does not perform this check when Night Mode is set to ON. When night mode is set to ON, the video will only be in black and white; it won't have color.

Some tips for using Night Mode:

  • If you are trying to capture images at night through a window, you may notice a bright light in the video feed. The infrared LEDs can reflect off shiny surfaces, including windows. You may try placing the camera directly against the glass to eliminate the glare. Try repositioning your camera while viewing the video feed to find a position that works.
  • Night Mode light calibration checks can trigger a motion alert on another IZON View which has motion alerts enabled and is viewing the same area. Position your cameras so that they do not trigger false alerts by placing your cameras so they are not viewing the same area.

Troubleshooting Night Mode

Please make sure your IZON View's firmware is up to date. Version 3.1.60 contains an update to improve Night Mode's automatic calibration and return to Day Mode.


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