Check for Alarms

Fine-tuning Alert Settings with Check for Alarms

Fine-tuning your alert settings to capture only the important moments can be simplified by using the Check for Alarms feature. The feature displays alert indicators on the camera's thumbnail in My Cameras screen. These icons represent Manual, Audio, and Motion events, as they occur on the camera. Gray icons indicate no alert has been triggered. A blue-lit icon indicates an alert of that type has been triggered.

To use this feature, your mobile device must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your IZON camera. The feature will remain enabled for 10 minutes while you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the camera, or until disabled. Check for Alarms can only be used with one camera at a time.

To enable Check for Alarms, access your camera's settings page from the My Cameras screen by pressing the camera's Settings button, or from the Account screen by tapping the camera's cell. Check for Alarms is located at the bottom of the list. 

Once you have enabled Check for Alarms, you can begin fine-tuning your detection settings. Enable the detection type you would like to adjust (Motion or Noise) and adjust the motion detection region, if necessary. Return to the My Cameras screen to view your camera thumbnail and the alert icons. Test the sensitivity by observing the icons while you perform actions you would like to trigger an alert. The icons will turn blue when an alert of that type is triggered. Continue reducing the sensitivity until you are at the lowest level that triggers an alert for events you want to capture. You may repeat this process for each detection type and camera until you have everything fine-tuned.

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