Finishing IZON Setup

Finishing IZON Setup

Moving your IZON camera to a new location

Now that you’ve connected the camera to your network, you can place or mount the camera in any location where the camera will retain a good connection to the Wi-Fi network you've added it to. Simply unplug the IZON camera and relocate to the desired location. Ensure that the power cord is still able to reach a power outlet. Use of a power extension cord is not recommended. The IZON camera can be placed on a horizontal surface, or use the included screws and wall anchors to mount the camera base to a wall or ceiling, or other non-horizontal surface. If the camera is mounted upside down, you may want to use the Image Flip feature.

A periodic green blinking pattern after powering up the camera in its new location may indicate that the camera is located too far away from the Wi-Fi source or that network congestion is interfering with the camera’s connection to your Wi-Fi router. If you are having issues with Live Viewing your camera from its new location, see Troubleshooting issues with Live Viewing.


Children can be STRANGLED if tangled in cords. Keep children at least 3′ away from all cords. Do not use an extension cord with the IZON camera power cord.

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